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What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

We aim high at being focused on improving web security for our clients. Using our creative methods and penetrating/hacking skills, we'll find the vulnerabilities by eleminating the false positives.

Working together with the developers, teaching them to improve the security.

Why should I Secure My Business Online?

Each and every web application is an easy target to the hackers. If you store some valuable data in your database, hackers will come for that.
Valuable data like passwords, security codes, card numbers, id_numbers should be kept safely and mostly encrypted. If your developers missed to secure the data in your database, all your clients data will be lost.

How will you prevent our business from hackers?

Before hackers hack into your server/webapp, we will do the same in a non-destructive method and find all the available vulnerabilities and secure them with the latest/updated programming codes.

Do I Get Support For A Single web application?

Yes, INetSecurity.IN offers you the best packages of Vulnerability Assessment at low cost. You can pay half-yearly or monthly. We can perform a security scan on demand or a regular monthly security scan will be conducted and reported.

Is it necessary to perform a vulnerability assessment for a startup company?

1 out of 10 startup websites are being hacked daily because of low security practise. Entreprenuers dont even have time to look for these kind of things, which made these application an easy target to hackers. It is very important for a startup company to maintain clients and customers. It may lose clients if there is no proper safty for the client data.

What is the price for the packages by INetSecurity.IN

It depends on the scope of the target and the technology used in the application. But INetSecurity.IN offers you the best price in the market.

What about Ethical Hacking Course?

We offer 1 week courses for developers (couple of hours per day). In that course we'll give hands on practical training for the developers/Students.

Is one time vulnerability assessment and pentration testing is enough?

No, absolutely not, because each and every day a new vulnerability will be found by the hackers. Even your application is written in latest version, there are some chances of getting hacked if that version is vulnerable to something.

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